Who We Are

Our Story

Hi! This is me......Karin, and my other half Paul.  We are the people behind Beauty Bath Junkie.  I do this full time, but Paul not only has a full time job, but he also helps me out and runs DB Bath Bomb moulds too at weekends.

We launched Beauty Bath Junkie in 2015 and since then i have formulated and produced bath / shower / body products using quality ingredients and fragrance oils. In 2017 Paul launched DB Bath bomb moulds - after we had so many requests from makers to supply them with unique moulds to make their bath bombs with. 


We have had many ups and down in our journey......we won't mention the Pandemic!, but we are still here although no longer with staff to help, we are still producing unique designs for our customers, both wholesale and retail. I make, and Paul helps to package and label and pack up for the courier.

I am constantly adding to my ranges and love nothing better than formulating a new product which then requires family testing and stability testing before being sent to a cosmetic chemist for a CPSR (Cosmetic product safety report).  I am proof that you are never too old to follow your dream, as i once had a career as a Police officer!  To hear more about my journey, it is published in a book available on Amazon - Mumpreneur 4 - A collection of stories from women in business. (i am chapter 1).

I can usually be found in the workshop looking way less presentable than the photo - dye and glitter are so not a good look, but a necessary hazard of the job!  We are fortunate to have a large workshop with seperate office space so we are able to take our beloved pooches to work with us every day.  Pixie and Tinker can usually found curled up on the sofa sleeping, waiting patiently for break time so they get some fresh air and some cuddles from Mum.

We have our websites, Beautybathjunkie.co.uk and on Facebook Beauty bath junkie and Beauty bath junkie wholesale.  Also on Instagram and Tik tok.....


Pauls - DBbathbombmoulds.co.uk

Paul also sells on Etsy and is on instagram - DBbathbombmoulds

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The office thief.  Quite often seen sneaking into the packing room and stealing our biodegradable potato starch packing chips.



Our office guardian......warns us when someone comes to the door.  Normally so laid back she is mostly found curled up asleep on the sofa.