Bath Bombs

Bath bombs galore! This is what we are known for - colour and fragrance! What will take your fancy? We have fruity fragrances to perfume inspired, and hand painted designs too!

Not suitable for under 3 yrs.  Allow to dissolve fully before getting in.  Do not handle bath bomb when wet to prevent colour transference - don't panic though! All our colours are water soluable so will wash off. 

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Julie waters market night


Sara scourfield market night


Sarah louise bleasedale market night


Terri Milford market night


Demilee Morgan market night


Nikki Greg’son market night


Nichola smith market night


Maria Doyle market night


Charlene mackay market night


Aimee musson market night


Tracey Powell market night


Chantelle Crowley market night


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Page 1 of 3:    35 Items