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All about CBD

Everything you need to know about CBD in cosmetic products

In all our manufactured products. we use only the best CBD isolate - 
GMP Certified 21 CFR part 111 & 117
ISO 9001:2015 laboratory
99% Pure CBD isolate, 0% THC
Odourless & Tasteless 
Free of heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides 
3rd party lab tested.

Isolate is the purest form of CBD, isolated from the other compounds of the hemp plant.


CBD in the UK is legal following the guidelines and regulations which say that as long as the THC content is below 0.2%. 

Our CBD isolate used in products has been third party tested by an outside laboratory and this comes with a COA (certificate of analysis - see picture).  It may look a bit technical, but it tells you CBD concentration and the THC concentration.



It is confusing if you are new to CBD cosmetic products but in a nutshell - CBD is Cannabidiol (that's the word you will see on our ingredients labels).  It is a molecule extracted from the hemp plant.  Cannabidiol belongs to a family of molecules which are all extracted from cannabis or hemp.

All of our cosmetic products that contain CBD are all from Isolate and is odorless, making it ideal for cosmetic products.


THC is the molecule found in cannabis that causes the "high" associated with smoking the plant. However it is able to be extracted from the plant to provide a product which has all the benefits of CBD, but without the intoxicating effects.  So, no you won't get high using a bath bomb or rubbing in a lotion, and using a topical product will not show up in a drugs test either.  



Well this may come as a surprise, but our own bodies produce cannabinoids naturally, so be rest assured CBD can be integrated into your body safely.  Purely from a cosmetic point of view, CBD is excellent for the skin.  As the human body already makes it own cannabinoids - the receptors are found in the nervous system, immune system and most major organs and your skin - (this is known as the endocannabinoid system), you are simply working in synergy with your own biology to top up what your body already produces!. The endocannabinoid system essentially checks that the body is the balance by monitoring temperature, metabolism and pressure. CBD is so similar to the endocannabinoids we produce so it integrated easily and safely. 


When using a CBD topical product (creams lotions or balms), you are introducing the CBD to your body directly on the skin.  The CBD is absorbed into the epidermal layer before reaching the endocannbidinoid receptors in the skin.  This means that the CBD will take around an hour to be absorbed and will last for a few hours - maybe 5-6 hrs.  The good news is that you can apply topicals as frequently as you like because there are no  adverse side effects unlike with typical cbd overuse in vape or oral versions. CBD has a great safety record with low toxicology reports. There is constant research into the effects of CBD on the body and skin - a good google search will bring most of them up for you to have a look at.


In the ingredients list it will say Cannbidiol.  

Be warned though = Hemp seed, hempseed oil, cannabis sativa seed oil all look like they might be cbd, but they are not the same as CBD


When new to CBD products, it can be confusing to determine the amount of CBD in a product but most often it is displayed in milligrams.  This figure is the full amount per product.  so for example if you buy one of our CBD body smoothies, there is 250ml per bottle , with 500mg of CBD.  if you use the smoothie to moisturise and that means you have used say 25ml, that would mean you have used 50mg of CBD in that dosage.


This is a difficult question to answer, as every body is different.  Our products start at 50mg for our bath bombs, up to 250mg.  Our topicals are up to 500mg per bottle (making this approximately 50mg per application). What may be effective for you, is not enough for someone else.  If new to CBD topicals, you should always start off by trying a typical application sized portion and monitoring the results - is it moisturising enough? do i see any benefits at this strength? 

We are not allowed by law to say the our CBD products have any medical benefits, but purely from a cosmetic point of view, you should see a difference within a few days of consistent use of our products.  CBD combined with other ingredients such as skin loving oils or butters and vitamin E, work in synergy to moisturise, and rehydrate. Many of the ingredients work towards protecting and are anti inflammatory and anti oxidents.  Lots of things such as environmental stresses conspire to age our skin, and its nice to know that topicals can fight back to take care of our skin every day. 


CBD is generally considered safe in topicals but as with anything applied to the skin , there is always the risk of allergies and it is not possible to say whether this is something that effects you.  It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before using CBD as it can affect medications / treatments.  Also if pregnant or breastfeeding you should always consult your GP prior to applying any CBD cosmetics.

CBD products are not suitable for persons under 18 years. 

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